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LIN-KA Energy and Jernforsen Energi System
Join Forces

Two of the World’s leading suppliers of biomass boiler systems have partnered up in a new agreement.  Together Denmark-based LIN-KA Energy and Sweden-based Jernforsen Energi System have more than 70 years of experience in the business.

By purchasing their Swedish colleague, LIN-KA Energy has gained access to Jernforsen’s highly developed technology in combusting biomass waste (including waste wood and other types of biomass waste) and “wet” fuels. Jernforsen is especially strong in larger plants above 4 MW for district heating and industrial purposes.

In addition, Jernforsen will benefit from LIN-KA Energy’s position as a leading company in both straw and more versatile fuel combustion as well as compact and mobile biomass boiler solutions. With two different, but perfectly complementary assortments, LIN-KA Energy and Jernforsen will ensure a strong, united platform on both existing and future markets.

With the joint offering, the companies will be able to support each other in daily operations and build relations to secure a stronger footing on their respective home markets and internationally.

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