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Reinforced PEX

Reinforced PEX pipes are made from continuously extruded PEX-a pipes. 

After the extrusion, the pipes are reinforced using a single-layer Kevlar wire that is wound around the perpendicular and longitudinal axes.

The Kevlar wire is a synthetic wire made from poly-paraphenylene terephthalamide, developed by DuPont. Due to its compressive strength of 3,620 MPa the wire is several times stronger than steel. The individual layers in the pipe system are bonded together using highly adhesive glue.

The inner pipe diameter corresponds to the inner diameter of an ordinary SDR11 - 6 bar PEX pipe. Thanks to the Kevlar reinforcement the maximum pressure allowed inside the pipes increases from 6 to 10 bar at a temperature of 95°C.

Please note:  The life span of the pipe is calculated at 30 years, in which 29 years is at 95°C (203F); 1 year at 105°C (221F) and 100 hours at 110°C (230F).


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