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Steel Pipes


Steel Pipes

isoplus pre-insulated steel pipes are bonded pipe systems consisting of a steel carrier pipe, polyurethane insulation and an HDPE jacket pipe that is moulded into a fixed sandwich construction.

Insulation of Steel Pipes

isoplus steel pipes are insulated with polyurethane foam that is blown with cyclopentane. This provides optimum insulation value and high compressive strength. Our steel pipes are supplied at a continuous operating temperature of       289° F (143° C) for single pipes and 266° F (130° C) for double pipes.

On request, we can supply steel pipes that can withstand continuous operating temperatures of up to 322° F (161° C).

Leak Detection System

If you wish to monitor the district heating system electronically, isoplus steel pipes can be supplied with two bonded copper wires for connection to the leak detection system. IsoAlarm is available.


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