LINKA Energy Acquires Weiss Aps

LINKA Energy continues to grow in the biomass and waste-based energy market with the recent acquisition of Weiss ApS.

For more than 92 years, Weiss has specialized in delivering custom-designed and CO2 neutral energy plants and small CHP-stations. Weiss facilities convert different forms of fuel to renewable energy in the form of heat, electricity or process energy. They are specialist in servicing those energy systems, with focus on know-how and operational experience with thoroughly tested, reliable and profitable solutions.

Last year, LINKA celebrated its 40th anniversary. LINKA is one of the world’s leading developers of biomass plants for everything from residential to industrial; creating reliable solutions with efficient utilization of the selected biofuel.

Through the acquisition, LINKA Energy Group will bring Weiss’ technology in as part of the product range and the group companies will be able to complement each other, strengthening the market position in existing markets as well as the after sales and service offering. At the same time, the companies will jointly explore new markets.

According to Thomas Gaardbo, “The acquisition provides LINKA Energy Group with a further strengthening of the group’s product portfolio, as well as the knowledge and longstanding special skills that Weiss employees already apply to their existing customers.”

“We are looking forward to an exciting collaboration with our new colleagues and the company LINKA, which has a strong position in the market for biomass plants. Together we have a lot of knowledge and experience that will benefit our customers in the future,” adds Kenneth Iversen.

Both companies continue as independent companies with Thomas Gaardbo as CEO of LINKA Energy and Kenneth Iversen as CEO of Weiss. 

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