BMQ 250 Pellet Mill

The 250 Pellet Mill has a capacity of 1,000 lbs of pellets per hour on feed products and 200 lbs per hour on biomass products. It is designed specifically for small to medium commercial scale pellet production. Pelletizes agricultural by-products such as corn stover, manure, grasses, hemp, and a range of other feed products. Also pelletizing hard woods, soft woods, wood scrap, virtually any type of biomass, paper and cardboard.


• Maximum Efficiency
• Easy to Operate and Maintain
• Low Cost Operation
• Range of Die Sizes
• Heavy-Duty Rigid Construction
• Small Foot Print
• Low Cost


• Pre-Pellet Bin
• Range of Die Sizes
• Dust Collection Systems
• Engineering and Material Handling Equipment
• Turn-Key Installation and Start-Up

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