TwinHeat produces the Cpi12 to a very high specification. All surfaces are powder-lacquered and, therefore, very durable. The flue gas box in the boiler is produced from 1/4 inch (6 mm) boiler plate. The fuel storage is produced from 1/8 inch (3 mm) steel sheets. The heavy-duty stoker auger has a diameter of 4 inches (90 mm).

The Cpi 12 is tested and has been granted technical approval by the Danish Technological Institute in accordance with DS/EN303-5 for the following fuel types: wood pellets, grains and wood chips.


  • Output 10-14 kW
  • Compact design
  • Integral 93 gallon (350 litre) hopper
  • Woodchips or pellets

Delivery Format

A TwinHeat Cpi12 is delivered complete and ready for installation. The unit consist of 3 main component parts:  boiler unit, burner tube and fuel storage. As standard, the Cpi12 is fitted with: sprinkler system to prevent backburn,  user-friendly oxygen control, flue temperature regulator in boiler (bypass), cleaning brush and poker. 

Accessories for Installation:

  • Shunt/pump set
  • Draught stabilizer.


See Brochures section for additional information.

Technical Data:


Output with Wood Pellets (with c. 7% moisture)

40,945 BTU (12 kW)

Output with Wood Chips (with max. 25% moisture)

34,121 BTU (10 kW)

Output with Grain (with max. 15% moisture)

37,534 BTU (11 kW)

Minimum Output at Pause Mode

1706 BTU (0.5 kW)

Efficiency at Nominal Output


Efficiency at Partial Load


Fuel Storage Capacity

93 gallons (350 Litre)

Heat Exchanger Area in Boiler

637 gallons (1.8 m²)

Water in Boiler

20 gallons (75 Litre)


1025 lbs (465 Kg)

Flue Outlet Spigot

5 inches (Ø130 mm)

Pipe Diameter – Flow


Pipe Diameter – Return


Pipe Diameter – Sprinkler Connection


Draft Requirement

10 Pa

Electrical Consumption Approx.

100 W