When burning homogeneous (uniform) fuels such as wood pellets and grains, users often have traditional feed silos erected indoors/outdoors or in a basement. More often than not, fuel is delivered by tanker and injected into the silo. The fuel is transported to the burner via a rigid or flexible auger.

The system is tested and has been granted technical approval by the Danish Technological Institute in accordance with DS/EN303-5 for the following fuel types: wood pellets, grains and wood chips.

Delivery format

A TwinHeat CS system is delivered complete and ready for installation.

The system consists of three main component parts: boiler unit, water-cooled burner tube and stoker unit. As standard, all CS systems are fitted with: cell lock, exhauster, sprinkler system, pressure guard, vacuum regulator, modulating oxygen control, bypass and cleaning tools.

Extra Accessories:

  • Ash ejector
  • Automatic heat exchanger cleaning
  • Alarm
  • Telephone modem.

Extra Accessories for Installation:

  • Draught stabilizer
  • Damper
  • Connection set for auger feeder.


Technical Data:


Output with Wood Pellets (with c. 7% water)

409,457 BTU (120 kW)

Output with Wood Chips (with max. 25% water)

307,093 BTU (90 kW)

Output with Grain (with max. 15% water)

307,093 BTU (90 kW)

Output with Miscanthus (with max. 15% water)

303,681 BTU (89 kW)

Minimum Output at Pause Firing

18,767 BTU (5.5 kW)

Efficiency at Nominal Output


Efficiency at Partial Load


Water Volume in Boiler

174 gallons (660 Litre)

Flue Outlet

8 1/2 inches (Ø215 mm)

Supply Connection


Return Connection


Sprinkler Connection


Feeding Auger Connection


Necessary Uptake in Chimney

20 Pa

Power Consumption Approx.

250 W