ElectraTherm Power+ Generator 4400 - Up to 65kWe

The Power+ Generator 4400 generates up to 65kWe and ideal for lower flow waste heat. Pair the Power+ 4400 with ~800 kWe engines or other sources of low temperature waste heat. 

Standard Features and Specifications:

  • Fully automated controls with remote monitoring and operating capabilities
  • Induction generator with power factor correction for easy grid capabilities
  • Simple maintenance, with no gearbox or oil changes
  • NEMA 3R / IP 54 compliant enclosure for outdoor use
  • Sound attenuated option: <72db at 1 meter
  • CE certified
  • Brazed plate heat exchangers
  • Robust, Twin Screw Expander power block
  • Patented in-process lubrication

For additional details on specifications, please see the Product Spec Sheet in the Brochure Section.