LINKA Energy Acquires Weiss Aps

LINKA Energy continues to grow in the biomass and waste-based energy market with the recent acquisition of Weiss ApS. For more than 92 years, Weiss has specialized in delivering custom-designed and CO2 neutral energy plants and small CHP-stations. Weiss facilities convert different forms of fuel to renewable energy in the form of heat, electricity or … Read more

LINKA Energy and Jernforsen Energi System Join Forces

Two of the World’s leading suppliers of biomass boiler systems have partnered up in a new agreement. Together Denmark-based LINKA Energy and Sweden-based Jernforsen Energi System have more than 70 years of experience in the business. By purchasing their Swedish colleague, LINKA Energy has gained access to Jernforsen’s highly developed technology in combusting biomass waste … Read more

Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Biomass Systems Supply can help you turn your waste biomass into combined heat and power (CHP).  Hot water from the LINKA boiler can be used for making electricity in the Electra Therm organic ranking cycle (ORC) power plant.  For more details call us at 877-474-5521.