Quatro Silo Type 1 or 2

The TwinHeat Quatro Silo is particularly suitable when burning demanding fuels such as wood shavings, wood chips and sawdust as well as other fuels that do not flow towards the auger by themselves. This silo is also well-suited to pellet fuel such as wood pellets etc.

The TwinHeat Quatro Silo is available in two sizes, type 1 with a volume of 88 – 166 cubic feet (2.5 – 4.7 m³) and type 2 with a volume of 194 – 378 cubic feet (5.5 – 10.7 m³).

The silo is constructed on a sturdy square base supported by four legs. In the center of the base, there is a large rotor with strong leaf springs. The rotor, which is powered by a slow-speed gear motor, forces the fuel down to a auger conveyor placed underneath the base of the silo. The conveyor transports the fuel up to the cell lock of the burner or the storage. The auger conveyor has a diameter of 6 inches (150 mm) and is powered by a separate gear motor.

The sides and top of the silo are made from galvanized plate and consist of 2 ft (0.5 metre) modules. The capacity of the silo is increased by adding more modules to the height of the construction. The top of the silo where the fuel is loaded is fitted with a water-proof lid that is easily opened via a wire drive.

If circumstances permit, the water-proof Quatro Silo should be placed outdoors with the stock of wood chips under a pent roof nearby.

See Brochure Section for additional information.