TwinHeat Biomass Boilers


TwinHeat A/S is a 100% Danish manufacturing company, and began developing biofuel burner systems as an alternative to oil.   Through the years TwinHeat has established a wide product line with various biofuel systems as well as fully automated silo systems.

Today, TwinHeat is owned by Esben Pedersen and Søren Vasegaard. They also lead and run the company on a daily basis.  They have optimized and increased the product line.

TwinHeat sells their products on the Danish market through wholesalers and installers, and abroad through importers and agents.   Historically speaking TwinHeat is known to use most types of biofuels as wood pellets, wood chips, grain, wood shavings, etc.


All TwinHeat production and development takes place in Denmark. Thereby, TwinHeat takes an active part in maintaining the longstanding achieved industry knowledge and development in Denmark.   All TwinHeat systems have been tested and approved in accordance with DS / EN 303-5 on fuel types: Wood pellets, wood chips and grains. They are all CO2 neutral.

TwinHeat’s products meet national and international requirements and legislation required in the respective markets.   TwinHeat continuously invests in tests at accredited institutions (The Danish Technological Institute).

TwinHeat particularly employs some of the industry’s most experienced professionals. Some of these employees have been in the business for many years. The extensive knowledge and experience the employees have acquired, benefits the customers through advice and support. TwinHeat guarantees a high product quality.   TwinHeat is continuously developing the product line which today makes TwinHeat a leader in developing and manufacturing of biofuel burner systems for home and industry. The systems range from 34,121 – 853,036 BTU (10 – 250 kW).

As a result of the development process, TwinHeat now offers a mobile boiler system solution which can be connected to an existing heating system. All that is required is space for the mobile unit, silo and appropriate entries to the water and electrical connections.

TwinHeat today is a medium-sized company that is constantly evolving and in contact with our customers and partners with respect for the environment, employees and products.


TwinHeat’s goal is to continue to produce and develop professional biofuel plants for both industrial and private purposes and optimize system logistics in terms of biofuel from storage to boiler.