Type M

The M system has an integrated fuel storage which is available in three sizes: 79, 132 and 185 gallons (300, 500 and 700 litres). The fuel storage is fitted with an efficient agitator which ensures that fuels such as wood shavings and wood chips do not create bridging over the auger. A 132 gallons (500 litre) storage is available with an automatic filling unit for connection to a larger external silo.

The M type is the perfect choice for the user wanting the benefits of a fully automatic filling unit while still retaining the option of manual filling.

The system is tested and has been granted technical approval by the Danish Technological Institute in accordance with DS/EN303-5 for the following fuel types: wood pellets, grains and wood chips.


The TwinHeat Multi Fuel System can be constructed following a diagram, making it possible for the customer to decide
on which side of the boiler the fuel storage/stoker is to be positioned. Boiler doors and the feed door of the fuel
storage can be hinged at each side. The fuel storage can be fitted with “extended auger duct +10 inches (+250 mm)”, if it is to
be placed in an adjacent room.

Extra Accessories:

• Ash ejector in boiler
• Automatic heat exchanger cleaning
• Safety quenching coil in boiler
• GSM phone modem

See Brochures Section for specifications.