Type ME

The ME system must be connected to an external silo via an auger conveyor. The boiler and burner are identical to Types M and MCS, but the cell lock is replaced by a small fuel storage with an automatic gate on which the auger conveyor is connected. The storage is refilled by the auger conveyor which operates as and when required.

The ME type is designed for burning wood pellets, grains and other uniform fuels.

The system is tested and has been granted technical approval by the Danish Technological Institute in accordance with DS/EN303-5 for the following fuel types: wood pellets and grains.

When burning homogeneous (uniform) fuels such as wood pellets and grains, users often have traditional feed silos erected indoors/outdoors or in a basement. More often than not, fuel is delivered by tanker and injected into the silo. The fuel is transported to the burner via a rigid or flexible auger.

Delivery Format

A TwinHeat ME system is delivered complete and ready for installation. The system consists of three main component parts: boiler unit, water-cooled burner tube and stoker unit. As standard, all ME systems are fitted with: automatic damper, sprinkler system to prevent back-burn, user-friendly oxygen control, draught regulator for manual firing, flue temperature regulator in boiler (bypass), cleaning brush and poker.

Extra Accessories for Installation:

  • Shunt valve
  • Draught stabilizer
  • Connection set for auger feeder

See Brochure Section for additional information.